Lasting Power of Attorney Court Fee Refunds


If you applied to register a Lasting Power of Attorney between April 2013 and March 2017 you are entitled to a refund of some of the court fees you paid.  We do NOT charge for helping you with the process so please contact us if this applies to you.

What Happens if I Lose Capacity to Sign Documents or Make Decisions?

You have 2 options
Firstly, you can do nothing and hope that this never happens.  However, temporary incapacity is very common due to accidents and illness.
Also, as people are living to older ages, conditions such as dementia and stroke make it increasingly possible that you may become permanently unable to sign documents and make important decisions regarding your health and finances.
Thereafter, to enable someone else to make decisions on your behalf, they would need
 to apply to the Court of Protection.  At best, this would afford them limited decision
making ability and would cost in excess of £485 initially plus an annual cost of
up to £620.
Secondly, you can register Lasting Power of Attorney whilst you are capable of making your own decisions.  This means that you officially register your permission for a nominated individual or individual(s) to fully act upon your behalf either with your permission or ONLY IF you are no longer capable of making your own decisions.

                                                      What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

There are 2 distinct types of Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA).  

Health & Welfare LPA and Property & Financial LPA.  As you may expect, one donates decision making power in relation to matters of health & welfare such as care provision and medical treatment.  The other donates decision making power regarding property & financial matters including property management, banking & benefit entitlement.

You will see from our FEES page that the maximum overall cost to obtain each LPA through TRF Wills is £142.  Once you have paid this, there are NO FURTHER COSTS and no requirement to liaise with the Court of Protection thereafter if a person loses capacity in the future.